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MetaSpark Litepaper


MetaSpark is the next generation of online dating platforms, offering an immersive VR Metaverse. MetaSpark allows you to explore beyond the physical and geographical restraints of conventional dating. Have life changing experience, express yourself through the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse.
MetaSpark Trailer

Platform Features

Reinvent Yourself

The Metaverse is a whole new world for you to truly reinvent your identity. Customise your Spark Avatar and show the world the best version of you.
Find Love or just Friendship
MetaSpark will offer both Dating and Friendship Modes. Whether you're looking for love, or like minded friends MetaSpark is the ultimate platform to find new people.

Next Generation Avatar and Profile Creation:

Express your true self via a fully customisable 3D Avatar and Bio. Craft an eye catching bio and curate a gallery of your favourite NFTs such as videos and images. Take a photo of yourself, or custom design your avatar from over 100+ available traits.
SparkHUD (Heads up Display)
MetaSpark offers revolutionary SparkHUD functionality. SparkHUD is the ultimate digital wingman! The Spark HUD (Heads Up Display) to display Bio information for people nearby and helps you easily identify the right person to talk to!
SparkHUD implements a Traffic Light Compatibility system:
Green Light: Open to Talk
Orange Light: I'll Talk to you First
Red Light: Don't Talk to Me
SparkRadar Filtering Functionality
SparkRadar Technology will allow you to easily highlight compatible matches based on factors such as:
  • Communities and NFTs in Common
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Preference

Compatibility Check

MetaSpark uses sophisticated AI and machine learning technology to determine your Sparkle score compatibility.
Sparkle score core based on similar interests, location and future goals.

Date Night!

Enjoy some one on one time with MetaSpark's curated dating experiences. Metaspark will introduce a range of Spark spaces where individuals within the MetaSpark can book out for dates. Spark spaces will include locations such as beach, club, party house, movie theater and a cafe. There is opportunity for individuals to meet while roaming the world.
MetaSpark will also offer an exclusive range of exciting member only events and experiences such as:
  • Music Listening Party or Concert
  • Visit Restaurants, Bars and Clubs
  • Trivia and Quiz Night
  • Movie Night
  • And many more
Bars and Club Spark Spaces are available
Date Night at the Island Spark Space
NFT Gift Shop
Treat yourself or a special someone at the Spark Store. From digital gifts built by the MetaSpark Community to exclusive experiences, there's plenty of ways to impress your date and stand out from the competition.
Privacy and Safety
Safety and Privacy is an upmost priority for the MetaSpark platform. MetaSpark will offer moderation, blocking and restrictions for problematic Sparkers. Plus sophisticated privacy functionality to hide personal or identifying information based on your preferences.

$SPARK Token

The MetaSpark $SPARK token is a utility and transactional token. $SPARK will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Platform and be purchasable of the PancakeSwap decentralised exchange.
Features and Utility include:
  • Date2Earn Functionality - Receive rewards in the form of $SPARK tokens for dating and participating in the MetaSpark ecoystem
  • Purchase of in world items at the NFT Gift Shop
  • Purchase tickets to world-class Dating Events and Experiences
  • Gift MetaSpark tokens to your favourite matches to get their attention

$SPARK Tokenomics

$SPARK has an in-built 9% transaction fee on Buy and 15% fee on sell:
  • 3% Buy / 5% Sell - Marketing and Development
  • 3% Buy / 5% Sell - Provided to holders as BUSD Rewards
  • 3% Buy / 5% Sell - Community Wallet for giveaways, token buy backs, liquidity adds and more
Token Supply
Seed Round
60,000,000 (6%)
Private Sale
90,000,000 (9%)
Presale + Liquidity
231,888,000 (23.2%)
Treasury / Ecosystem / Rewards
328,112,000 (32.8%)
Marketing / Development
120,000,000 (12%)
20,000,000 (2%)
150,000,000 (15%)

$SPARK Sale and Launch Details

MetaSpark will be launching a Whitelisted Private sale on Valentine's Day (14th February) and a Presale, followed by token DEX launch.
Private Sale Date: 14th February 13:00 UTC (+0:00)
Presale Date: 21st April 13:00 UTC (+0:00)
Launch Date: 24th April (Time TBD)
Private Sale Price
1,200,000 per BNB
Presale Price
1,100,000 per BNB
Launch Price
1,000,000 per BNB
Private Sale Cap
70 BNB
Presale Soft Cap
100 BNB
Presale Hard Cap
200 BNB
Minimum Contribution
0.1 BNB
Maximum Contribution
10 BNB
Liquidity Locked Duration
1 Year

SparkleClub VIP NFT Program

MetaSpark will be releasing SparkleClub VIP NFTs, which offers exclusive membership and benefits to the MetaSpark universe.
Key features include:
  • Early Access to new MetaSpark Features and Dating Platform
  • VIP Only Maps and Experiences
  • Exclusive MetaSpark Merchandise
  • Members only Giveaways, Contests and Events


Phase 1
  • Website Launch
  • Litepaper Launch
  • Social Media & Marketing Launch, including:
    • Influencer Partnerships and Collaborations
    • Paid Advertising
    • AMA on investor groups
    • Pin Postings on investor groups
  • Trailer Launch
  • Whitelist Campaign
  • Presale IDO
  • Token Security Audit and KYC
  • Token Launch
Phase 2
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • List $SPARK on Centralised Exchanges (CEX), including:
    • CoinsBit
    • HOTBIT
    • XT
    • LBANK
  • Sparkle Club NFT VIP Program Launch
    • Secure early access to global dating servers and access to all exclusive private dating maps on platform launch
  • Launch Exclusive MetaSpark Merchandise
Phase 3
  • Launch Official Spark Store
    • NFT marketplace to purchase digital gifts, dating maps, exclusive dating experiences and tickets to virtual events
  • Partnerships with entertainers, live musicians, comedians for metaverse dating experiences
  • Release $SPARK Staking Pools
Phase 4
  • Alpha Launch of global dating server with SparkHUD functionality
  • Launch MetaSpark avatar creator based on image
  • VIP Celebrity and influencer date experiences for Sparkle Club members only
  • Private Date Night Maps purchasable with $SPARK or accessible via Sparkle Club VIP program
Phase 5
  • Spark Store: Community Marketplace
    • NFT marketplace to create your own digital gifts and dating maps and sell them for Spark Tokens!
  • iOS & Android app Release
  • AR Integration to interface MetaSpark and SparkHUD with the real world!
  • Integrate AI and Machine Learning Technology for matchmaking

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